The Paved Garden

cyclicabundance-pavedgarden-4In collaboration with Big Medium and the EAST Austin Studio Tour, Dimension Gallery is allowing the stunning sculptural work that lives inside the four walls to explode into the outside. The space, which was originally an industrial food manufacturing plant from the 50’s, boasts a large outdoor paved space with a vintage industrial awning. On November 12th, the outdoor space will be filled with large scale sculpture from various heavy hitting artists, heavy being the key word. This once barren industrial complex will be transformed into East Austin’s only large scale curated sculpture garden, The Paved Garden. Visitors will be able to see the works seven days a week at any time on this busy intersection Springdale and Airport. Thanks to core funding from the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division, the installation will be a major destination for Austin art lovers and visitors from all over.  

The Paved Garden: Opening November 12, 2016 at 11am on the first day of EAST and closing September 30, 2017

This project is funded in part by the City of Austin Economic Development Department.


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