Nick Schnitzer

Artist Statement

Schnitzer’s current work concerns the common elements found within esoteric traditions.  Crafted primarily with steel, wood, and glass, these works seek to induce a contemplative look at our inner attitudes and states, while showcasing the materiality of the physical components comprising the work.  He seeks out industrial materials, ancient architectural remnants, and natural elements to create provocative portraits of the human experience. Through interactive games, and sharp, shiny meditative objects, he calls to the child in each of us that wants to climb, throw things, and set things on fire. The ultimate goal is to catch the viewer off guard, via the appropriation of anachronistic elements and odd pairings, he aims to reach past the trappings of culture and find a deep place where the fire of life burns bright.

Artist Bio

Schnitzer was born in Dallas and raised in Houston. His fondest childhood art memories were animal forms made with trash wood, bailing wire, and expanding foam. While studying painting at Boston University, he caught the woodworking bug and began making furniture and low-relief, 3D wall hanging work. For the last 10 years, he has worked to integrate his fine arts background with the building and skilled trades to create and facilitate hands-on educational programming designed for youth.


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