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“Disparate Mythos: Women of Sculpture” at Dimension Gallery

Austin Chronicle – August 2016

image1Magdalena Jarkowiec’s two-ness is two female figures combined in one at the legs so one stands upright and the other is upside down like a reflection in a still pond….Most notable, as I have mentioned, is the single head. Do both entities making two-ness think and speak through that single head, or does the upper body think and the bottom headless body only gesture and feel, maybe communicating with hands alone (long fingers that could feel and communicate complexities with deftness). The head here is gorgeous and odd, with a gaping red mouth and cloth eyes. I don’t imagine words coming out as much as music, guttural tonalities and honks. I could be wrong. Maybe she speaks wonders, enchanting ululations, luxurious, haunting songs like calls to prayer. Her voice may be as counterintuitive as her floral skin.

The only obviously shared language in “Disparate Mythos: Women of Sculpture” is that of the object. Aside from this, the variation is expansive, a medley of perspectives. two-ness speaks one story while the others speak theirs. They are objects speaking in multiple dialects at once; a labyrinth of tongues mishmashed like Babel in the spirit of one.  Photo credit:  Trey McIntyre


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