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“Dimension Gallery opens with Birth : Rebirth, Elemental Origins”

Art and Arnold 3.11.16 by H.C. Arnold
press1“As for the show, with eight artists, it’s possible that it would be overly diverse and lacking any unity. However, that is not the case. Although the sculptures range in size from the monumental to the intimate, and in appearance from the abstract to the figurative, underlying this entire exhibition is a subtle feeling of antiquity. Each piece appears like a relic from the past. Some of this is outright in the imagery used. For example, trilobites adorn the walls, a fabricated pile of bison skulls rest on a podium, and a portrait bust, that stands quietly in the corner, looks more like what you would find in a museum than in a contemporary gallery. Other works internalize this theme. “Natural Balance” preserves a collection of objects in resin…In the gallery’s outdoor space, “Hexobelisk 3” looks weathered and old. It’s the result of intense heat and pressure that caused the metal tower to collapse down on it self. In its fat and rusted appearance, the contorted column reveals this process by alluding to the tremendous force of the past event that shaped it.”


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