Colby Brinkman

Artist Statement

Blacksmiths are typically excluded from the art world by those who believe we are all farriers or bladesmiths from a long ago past. But being a blacksmith today is about channeling the skill of this “forgotten” craft with the unique finesse to shape metal as if it were clay, wood, glass, or any other 3D medium. Brinkman’s work, which often results in the creations of never before seen “insects,” illustrates this belief by incorporating the traditional skills of a blacksmith with the re-visioned imaginings of a sculptor and artist.

Artist Biography

Colby Brinkman began his training as an artist and blacksmith in 1995.  He spent two years as a journeyman under master smiths in Czech Republic, Italy and Spain.  Since returning to Austin and opening Metal Mantis in 2005, Brinkman has applied his traditional blacksmithing to making metal sculptures, primarily larger-than-life insects — hence the name Metal Mantis.  Brinkman is a founding member of the Austin Metal Authority, a collective of metal artists and blacksmiths.


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