Circumnutation: New Work by Colin McIntyre

June 16th -27th

Circumnutation flyerGallery co-founder and local sculptor Colin McIntyre makes his Dimension debut with ‘Circumnutation’ opening June 16th.

Darwin defined the concept of circumnutation in 1865 to describe the motion of growing stems and tendrils. Climbing plant species seeking supports, reaching up and reaching down for connection. Forms leading into each other, pulsing with the tension of one thing almost touching another.

‘Circumnutation’ is a brief moment of gravity, anticipation, weight and weightlessness. Suspension. An ode to the creeping and climbing plants of this world. Intertwining tendrils reach for each other. Lightness and physical engagement are inevitable.

Since establishing his full time professional studio practice in 2001, McIntyre has received three public art grants to create large-scale monumental works. His most notable accomplishments of site specific sculpture include Arboreal Passage at the Austin Nature and Science Center and Emergence, a Texas Biennial Award, currently on display in Art on the Llano. His work has been featured in the Museum of Vordingborg, Denmark, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, and the People’s Gallery at Austin City Hall, among many others. His recent work has been focused on producing solo exhibitions sponsored by the COA Cultural Arts Division and co-founding Dimension Gallery.

His work seeks to imbue a semblance of life in the medium that contrasts with its cold rigidity. Many of his pieces depict plant-life and organisms that may seem both alien and familiar at the same time. His imagined life forms stand as a counterpoint to taxonomy, our attempt to categorize and quantify life on earth.

Opening Reception – June 16th from 7 to 10pm

Gallery Hours – June 18th, 19th, 26th, and 27th from 12 to 6pm

Photo Credit: Matt Conant