Alejandra Almuelle

Artist Statement

The exploration of an idea in a piece is central to Almuelle.  She works in a series until the idea is exhausted within the form. She has completed several  series in which the common thread is the human shape. She usually finds herself in between the pull that lures her to work to see “it “in front of her and the challenge to translate into form what has an intangible shape in a corner of her mind’s eye. So while working on a piece, the piece is also working on her in a way, working as a way of revealing, making visible, bringing into light.  As a base medium, she feels that clay is appropriate for expressing the human journey because it is the stuff we are made of.  Clay is, in fact, the most amorphous of human forms.

Artist Biography

Alejandra Almuelle was born in Arequipa, Peru. She is a self taught ceramic artist working on this medium for the past 24 years. Before moving to the United States, she spent time with a community of potters in Pizac in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, a major center for ceramic making in Peru.  Peru is a country in which the abundance of clay has made this medium a language of artistic expression. Clay is its own idiom, and being there, she began to speak it. After she moved to Austin, she started working with clay. Addressing the functionality of the medium as well as its sculptural expression has been equally important for her.  She has participated in different art fairs, shows, galleries and museums with both pottery and sculpture.


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